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There is nothing more valuable or rewarding to us than the success and improvement of our patients.

I visited Dr. Reynolds because of neck pain and headaches. He took time to listen and explained how the two could be connected. After the treatment, my neck felt better. Throughout the rest of the day, I could tell my headache was lightening up. The next day, I woke up with no headache at all! That was the first time in several days! Thank you!!




I went to Dr Reynolds after i had my wisdom teeth surgically removed, my jaw ended up locking up due to overextension.. Dr Reynolds did excellent work! It took a multiple appts but i could not be happier! My jaw is back to normal and did not have to pay a fortune to do so. I would have never thought to come to a chiroprator for my situation but on a limb, I took a suggestion and so happy I looked into this! Thank you Dr Reynolds!




Dr.Reynolds is amazing! My entire family has benefited greatly from his chiropractic care. We are thankful for his acupuncture therapies and his knowledge of sports injuries in healing. Thank you Dr.Reynolds!!!




The office staff is so friendly and accommodating. We appreciate the availability of the clinic and the multiple services that are provided in one location! I always feel better after visiting and make sure to get my monthly appointments in the books to maintain the best alignment of my body. Definitely recommend!


~ KB 


Friendly staff, and informative and helpful services and availability. I'm thankful for the chiropractic care I have received here!




If your looking for an outstanding chiropractor I would recommend visiting Dr. Reynolds!




I have benefited from Dr. Reynolds service. He has helped alleviate neck and lower back pain. He is knowledgeable and informative!! I would recommend him.


~ JA 


Great staff very friendly great Dr takes time for you


I have been a patient of Dr. Ross for many years. He has helped in many different areas of my overall health. I just finished with Laser Therapy for Plantars Fascitis. It worked great. Dr. Ross cares for each of his patients with a smile and is very caring.





Dr Reynolds does a great job with a great friendly manner. His staff there are very pleasant and do a great job with signing you in. I recommend this chiropractor to anyone looking for some relief and taking care of their body !!




Dr. Reynolds and his staff are so kind, helpful, and accommodating! I saw Dr. Reynolds regularly before pregnancy for neck pain and headaches and he always did a wonderful job and I left feeling much better than I came in! Now during pregnancy he has also been with me every step of the way helping to keep me as comfortable as possible and in good alignment. It has made such a difference from my previous pregnancy! He is very knowledgeable and informative and very gentle and careful since I'm in my third trimester. He always has a smile and is always fun to chat with while he's working on you! His office ladies are also so nice and friendly when you call to make an appointment or arrive for your appointment! Definitely recommend Rapids Chiropractic to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!




Dr Reynolds does a great job. His staff is great. They always seem to get me an appointment. I recommend Rapids Chiropractic.





Dr. Ross and his staff are very friendly and professional. They helped me with ultrasound therapy when my hip was bothering me to the point I could hardly walk, after treatment I was able to walk and pain was gone. They have treated my whole family, I would recommend to anyone needing chiropractic care!




Love Dr. Ross. Listens to my issues, gives me advice without being pushy like some other Chiropractors I have been to. They usually fit me in when I need it, because I am a "as I need it" patient. Brought both my kids here and they did really well and it helped their issues!




I had pain in the top of my foot for over a year. After seeing 2 orthopedic doctors, almost 4 months in a boot, and no weight bearing for 6 wks., I went to Dr. Reynolds for my ribs that were out of place because of a fall with my knee scooter. He suggested we try laser treatments. It took a while because I had the pain so long and no movement of the foot for 4 months. But with aggressive laser and adjustments I’ve had tremendous relief. I’m grateful! Thanks guys, you're awesome!




After waking up with the worst pain in my neck while traveling I needed some help badly. I get nervous to let just anyone adjust my neck but Dr. Reynolds is not only a fantastic chiropractor but you can tell he loves what he does. Thank you for taking care of me on such short notice!



I would highly recommend Dr. Reynolds!! I came to him with migraines. I have hardly had any migraines since receiving adjustments/ultrasounds. Thank you Dr. Reynolds!





Dr. Ross has helped me alot with my pain in my neck and low back. He sits and listens to you and tells you what is wrong before he adjust you. I have had severe headaches and backaches and he has helped me alot. Thanks Dr. Ross.




Highly recommend Dr. Reynolds. He is knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate.



Great place, great atmosphere and great people.





As a dancer, Dr. Reynolds has helped me to stay in the best condition possible to compete. I would definitely recommend him to all athletes.




On my most recent visit, one of my symptoms was that I felt a sinus infection starting. I went in on Friday and by Sunday afternoon my symptoms were gone!! I have never "passed" one so quickly and did not even need an antibiotic!